COVID-19 (Corona Virus)


Covid-19 Golf at Level 2

From Thursday 21 May.

  • In all club matches the cards will be pre-printed where possible. This is to assist with contact tracing requirements. Multi tee starts are permitted.
  • You must mark your own score card. Verbal agreement with your playing partner at the end of the match. Sign your card only and print your playing partners name and member number on it.
  • All cards will be entered into DotGolf by the match committee. The touch screen is not to be used.
  • When not playing in a club match all members must take a card from the Dot Golf system and return it, 18 or 9 holes. These cards will also be printed for you by on duty personnel.
  • All filled in cards must be placed in the usual score card slot in the foyer.
  • All non-members must sign in.
  • All tee times will be at 10 minutes intervals. Do not approach the tee block until the previous group has teed off and left the teeing area.
  • If you cannot maintain your place in the field for whatever reason please, in fairness to others, step aside and let the following group through.
  • We encourage all members and visitors to wash their hands regularly and use sanitizer where possible. We also expect you to continue to use the social distancing rule.
  • The bar will be open under strict guide lines. When entering the clubrooms after your match you must go directly to a table and sit only with your playing group. If there is no one at the bar you may come up and be served. Only one at a time at the bar and no one must approach the bar until the previous person has been served and seated.
  • All empty glasses to be placed in trays provided upside down. All bottles etc to be placed in bin provided.

We thank you all for your support and patience during these difficult and different times.




COVID-19 Update             Level 3 Operations

·         The course will be open to members tuesday and saturday, green fee players all other days, by bookings only, one booking per call.

·         Players must pre-book by phone (3296710 or 0272274171) – NO BOOKING NO GAME

·         9 Holes only – tee times will be between 8am and 3pm.

·         Players must play alone or with someone in their bubble – maximum of two players per tee time. NO JOINING UP INTO GROUPS PART WAY AROUND.

·         You must arrive for your designated tee time, sign in and leave immediately after the completion of 9 holes – the clubhouse is not open to members at this stage.

·         No scorecards will be given out or entered during alert level 3.

·         Toilets, drinking fountains, seating, sand buckets etc are not available.

·         All flagsticks and rakes will be removed.

·         No electric carts, hire clubs or hire trundlers will be available. Equipment cannot be shared.

·         Players must maintain a 2 metre gap with other players at all times.

·         The main gate to the domain will be locked at 5.15pm under alert level 3.

·         Any changes to the above will be put on the website as soon as practical.




COVID – 19 Health and Safety 

Dear Members and Guests 
Your compliance with the restrictions below is essential to protect the health of your fellow members and guests, and also to protect our ability to continue to operate uninterrupted at this time. 

Please comply with the following 
•    If you are feeling unwell you are not permitted to come to the club, play golf at the club, nor enter the clubhouse. 
•    If you have recently returned, live with someone who has recently returned, or spent time with someone who has recently returned from overseas in the past 14 days - you are not permitted to enter the clubhouse for a minimum of 14 days from return or contact.  

•    If you begin to show any symptoms of the flu or COVID-19, and have recently been at the club, you should immediately notify the Manager via phone or email. 
•     It is recommended that you minimise contact with others and practice social distancing.  Avoid shaking hands, high fives for that birdy, etc. Leave the flag in for putting. 

For your information, these restrictions apply to all members, guests, contractors and employees and are being imposed on many Golf Clubs throughout NZ. 
Hygiene Measures: 
•    Follow all Ministry of Health hygiene recommendations: 
•    Cover your coughs or sneezes with tissues or your elbow 
•    Put your used tissue in the rubbish bin or in a plastic bag 
•    Wash and Dry your hands often, especially after coughing or sneezing. 
•    Limit bodily contact with others if possible (eg. Limit hand shaking) 
•    When possible maintain a personal space of 1.5 metres. 
Your compliance with these restrictions is essential to protect the health of your fellow members and guests, and also to protect our ability to continue to operate uninterrupted at this time. 

Thank you for your compliance with these measures at this time.  


Health and Safety Coordinator Tai Tapu Golf Club