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Membership is currently open and new members are very welcome.

Application forms for membership may be obtained by downloading the form using the link below, calling the clubhouse (329-6710), or sending an e-mail to

Applications for membership are considered at the meetings of the Club Committee (2nd Monday of each month).

Membership Fees below include GST and are effective 1 October. (Members joining after 1 October pay pro-rata amounts at quarterly rests)


Categories of Membership and Membership Fees

Men’s and Women’s Full Membership

This is the full membership category at Tai Tapu Golf. The recognised playing days for Full members are Tuesdays for the women and Saturdays for the men. Full women members who cannot play Tuesdays are allotted regular playing tee times on Saturday mornings. Full members may also play in Mid-Week Group competitions.

Full Men’s Membership


Full Women’s Membership 


Mid-Week Membership
As the category name states, Mid-Week members’ playing is restricted to Monday thru Friday. (Excepting Tuesdays during the ladies organised games). The playing day for the Mid-Week Group is Wednesday.

Mens Mid-Week Membership  


Women's 9 Holes Membership $380*/annum

Student under 18
These members shall be under 18 years of age at the commencement of the Financial Year. Promising players under 18 years of age may apply to the Committee to play in Club competitions.

Junior Membership   


Complimentary Membership
Complimentary memberships are awarded to those members who, in the view of the Club Committee, provide special services to the Club or whose employment contracts so provide.

Social Membership
These members are those who being unable for any reason, to be able to play but who wish to retain their close association with the Club and to use the clubhouse and to play on the course upon payment of green fees the same as those payable by casual players.

Non-Playing membership   


Honorary Life Membership
This is conferred on members who have made an outstanding contribution to the well-being and running of the Club over many years.

Entrance Fee
Payable by new members who have never belonged to a golf club affiliated to the New Zealand Golf association. It is not payable by golfers transferring from another club.

Entrance Fee


Prompt Payment Discount
Applies to the above categories only, noted*

If sub not paid by 30 December 2018 Member will be deemed unfinancial (and a repayment agreement not entered into)

Club Rules
The Club is managed by Rules and By-Laws which are available from these links:

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