Saturday 21st. October 2017 TaiTapu Men’s 27 hole Open

55 men competed in   this years 27 hole open in near perfect weather conditions on a course which is in excellent order. It was a day that ran smoothly to plan and was enjoyed by all who entered.

Over all Best Gross for the Dalgety  Cup was won by Rhys Wilson     107

Over all Best Net  was one by Jason Blair          101 c/b.

Senior best Gross:    Nick Franzmann      110

Senior best Net:       Stephen Shields    104

2     Cam Harker.           106

3    Rick Nicholls          107

Inter  Best Gross:   Craig Scott               129     Carter Plate.

Inter  Best Net:       Neil Vickers             107

2   Daren Lewis             109

3   Rod Frewen              110 c/b

Junior Best Gross: Andrew Biddle         134     Makenzie plate

Junior Best Net:    Roy McRobert          101

2   Wayne Brewer         102 c/b

3   Frank Tabley            102

C T P    3/12  Am.  Barry Stephens                                 Pm.     Stephen Shields

C T P    5/14  Am.  Mark Tentori                                    Pm.      Rhys Wilson.

Longest Putt: Am. Cam Harker                                      Pm.     James Lee.

Two’s: Dan Cusiel, Keith Ashby, Jason Blair, Tim McIvor, Rhys Wilson, Stephen Shields.

Men and Women Champianship Cup and Plate Winners October 2017

The results of this years Club Championships:


Women:                 C Bates

Intermediate:        S Screen

Junior                      D MacPherson.


Senior:                    D Hobbs

Intermediate:        J Knowles

Junior A:                J Pester

Junior B :              C Phillips

And here are some photos of the winners and runners up


Senior Men:         N Vickers                                               Women Plate:       D. Stalker.

Intermediate:      D Livesey

Junior A:              M Westland.

Junior B:              M Altments.

Congratulations to all our finalists  and commiserations to our runners up.

Annual General Meeting – December 4

Charity Day Donations

A few of the Management Committee recently had the chance to make our Charity Day donations in person to Dementia Canterbury and St. John’s.

Pictured above are President Alister Fiecken presenting your your donations to Darral Campbell from Dementia Canterbury (left) and Ally Kulpe from St. John’s (right).

Darral has a connection to Tai Tapu Golf Club as her mother, Pat McCabe, was a longstanding member and the Intermediate champion in the 90’s. She thanks you for your donation and spoke about how living with dementia is now possible, and that early detection is the key. The funds will support their Activity Program in which they partner with gardens, swimming pools, libraries, art galleries, and DIY stores to provide social outlets for their clients. Perhaps one day golf courses too. See

Ally was also gracious and appreciative of your help. She noted that “everyone know’s St. John’s ambulance” but that the funds also support many other programs including their Friends of the Emergency Department supporting patients and staff in hospitals, Caring Caller for phone support, Health Shuttles to get people to their doctors, and Medical Alarms allowing people to remain in their own homes. See where you might want to consider joining the Supporter Scheme (under the Support Us menu).

Below are Darral and Ally with the 3 group Captains, Janette, Des and Chris.

We are only sorry that the representative for Motor Neurone Disease Association was not able to attend.

Casual Water?

Here are some views of the course taken during and after the recent rains. With the Halswell River and Lake Ellesmere very high, getting back to playable conditions could take some time.

1951 Annual Report

The Club recently received a parcel in the mail containing the 1951 Annual Report and other reports from the time. These were recovered from the house of Gerrald Stoddard by his daughter-in-law, Wendy Stoddard. Gerrald was both Club President and Men’s Senior champion at the time! Many thanks to Wendy for sending along this bit of club history.

I have scanned the reports and included below are the Annual Report,  a special report on the placement and funding for a new clubhouse, and the financials. Some things have not changed much – “While the cash position of the Club may be considered satisfactory… when one considers the heavy depreciation… the increase in costs generally, and the need to still further improve the facilities… any further avenues of raising money would be welcomed by the incoming committee” – and some things have changed “the frequent use of the new fairway mower kept the course in good order for the whole of the playing season without the necessity of grazing sheep at intervals to keep down growth, and thereby making playing conditions much more pleasant”.

All Tai Tapu Final to Women’s Open 36 Hole Interclub

As defending champion a strong showing was always expected of the Tai Tapu team in the Canterbury Open 36 Hole Interclub competition. And in a change for this year, the chances were improved when the Club chose to enter two teams. Both performed well and they have taken the top 2 spots. The final will thus be an all Tai Tapu affair.

The final will be help at the Christchurch Golf Club starting at 8am on Monday 15 May. The players would be grateful for any support and assistance provided, and would love to have a good crowd of Club members on hand. So, if you fancy watching some excellent golf played by our champion teams then make sure to be there.

The teams are looking for assistance with caddies – as the normal solution of having the non-qualifying team act as caddies in the final won’t work this year.

The event tees off at 8am – but includes two 18 hole rounds, so will last well into the day. You are welcome to attend at any time.

The Tai Tapu Women have been a real force in Canterbury Interclub Golf in recent years, winning at least one trophy most years and always making the finals. This year is the best yet, so make an effort to be there and cheer them on. Shirley is a long and stern test of golf, so they will need all the help they can get.


Brian Williamson

It gives me great pain to inform you of the passing of Tai Tapu Golf Club stalwart Brian Williamson.

The notice in the Christchurch Press reads:

Brian Daniel Phillip:
On April 28, 2017, at Christchurch Hospital, surrounded by his loving family, aged 84 years. Former husband of Alison, loving father and father-in-law of Hamish and Judy, Hammond and Eleanor, Adrienne and Iain Ward, cheeky grandad of Amy, Holly; Angela, Matthew, James, Victoria; Pauline, and Juliette, and great-grandad of Ava. Special thanks to St John Ambulance for their exceptional care of Brian. In lieu of flowers, donations to St John Ambulance would be appreciated and may be made at the service. Messages may be addressed to The Family of the late Brian Williamson, c/- PO Box 39001, Christchurch 8545. A Celebration of Brian’s life will be held in our Westpark Chapel, 467 Wairakei Road, Burnside, on Wednesday, May 3, at 10.00am. – See more at:

Normally it is Brian who has the knowledge and expertise to record a late member’s history at the Club. I wish that he was here to help me with this one. The Club database records his joining as March 8, 1993 and his occupation as Physicist. He served as Club Secretary from 2005-2012 – a fact that I checked by looking it up in the History pages of our website. Brian was instrumental in the creation of the website and has done more than anyone to make it a valuable resource for all Club members. I had the good fortune to succeed him as Secretary and have had the true pleasure of learning from him and working with him on this project. If you take the time to scroll down through the posts below this one you will see a fine selection of his work – as all of these posts were contributed by Brian whether they are attributed to him or not. After stepping down as Secretary he served several years as Trustee.

I also had the pleasure of playing as his partner in several Club competitions – not that we ever won anything. However, my (or actually his) records show that he won the Club Junior B Championship in 2003.

In recent years he has worked at a series of course improvement projects. We have all admired his taste and boldness in the colour selection for the refurbished benches. We have all seen the attention to detail and fine finish given to the signs for each hole on the tees.

He may have a wry smile at the fact that many of his Wednesday Golf mates will spend this Wednesday honouring his memory at his service rather than at the course – but I do not doubt that a few stories of his cheeky nature and sterling character will be told during and after the match on Thursday.

The Clubs sends it heartfelt sympathy to all of Brian’s family. He will be sorely missed.

Golfing in the rain

Click on picture to enlarge it:
Also, have a look at Men’s Results for Saturday 1 April


We’ve been golfing in the rain

Yes, golfing in the rain

What a wonderful feeling

We’re happy again

‘Cos we went very far

And won the Waitaha

So Murray and I

We’re on a great high


Brian W

Wednesday Men’s Narrow Win for the 2017 Donovan Trophy

The Trophy Game
The Donovan Trophy was played Tuesday 21 March under dark grey skies on a damp course but all the players were bright and cheerful. They didn’t mind the heavy drizzle which rolled in for just the last couple of holes or so. There were 20 in the Men’s team and 18 Ladies from their Tuesday Group. In the absence, since about 2013, of organized mixed golf matches, the Donovan Trophy and its vice versa match later in the season, remain the only opportunities for organized mixed golf at Tai Tapu Golf.

Work on the Course
On the day, work was being carried out on the course and players had to—and really tried hard to– take care to stop stray golf balls flying close to the workers. The bunkers at greens #2 and #9 became GUR as did the drainage work on the Jimmy’s Track fairway. But none of the players minded at all. Indeed, it is always great to see course improvements progressing. David Livesey is the Greens Convenor. Craig Scott operated a digger on a long day to great effect in creating and covering etc., channels for drainage pipes and getting the gradients dead right. Club Greenkeeper James Lee was putting in quite strenuous digging and spreading work. Seniors golfers said that even just watching James was tiring.

Calculation of Results
Not to put too fine a point on it, the simple comparison of the average Stableford scores between Men’s and Ladies’ teams could be questioned as dubious. Only a clear-cut difference in the averages is likely to be a valid indication of the better team. And on Tuesday the Men’s and Ladies average Stableford scores were a miniscule difference of 0.26 Stablefords in favour of the Men. So the Men won and were presented with the Donovan Trophy again. But to be fair, maybe it would have been better to have called it a draw! (If the 95% confidence intervals for the averages for each team were calculated it is certain that no significant statistical difference would be found).
But, again, does the result really matter? It is the get-together on and off the course which counts.

Presentation of Trophy
This trophy event was initiated in 2008 when Brian Donovan was Convenor of the Wednesday Group (now called the Mid-Week Group). Naturally the trophy was immediately inscribed as the “Donovan Trophy”. Members on Tuesday were delighted to see Brian Donovan himself come along as an honoured guest to present the trophy.

Individual Results
And now to the individual results. Janette Sprott, Ladies Captain, called for order and then requested a symbolic drum roll as she had a special announcement to make. Everyone present either clapped or thumped the tables. She wanted particularly to draw attention to the exceptional performance of –here she paused for effect—and then said Erwin Kaser! With that the clapping recommenced and the tables rocked again. Members all know that Erwin is a veteran octogenarian (87 years) who is normally amongst the Nine-Holer Men, 18 holes being too taxing. But on Tuesday, Erwin played a full 18 holes and astounded everyone with 39 Stableford points. Erwin is an expatriate Austrian who hails from the ancient and beautiful city of Graz; most years he spends winter in Graz, returning to Christchurch in the spring.

Best Three Ladies
Jane Ellis                               42
Diane Gebbie                    41 c/b
Pat Watson                         41

Best Three Men
Basil Macpherson            41
Johan Poorter                    39 c/b
Erwin Kaser                        39 c/b
(The 39 points category was somewhat congested—others reporting 39 were Neville Turner and another octogenarian, Louis Sylvester) 

Afternoon Tea
The traditional “Ladies a Plate” applied to very good effect. It was supposed to be an afternoon tea but the Ladies did themselves proud in presenting something closer to a meal. Nice hot savouries and neat sandwiches with a dazzling array of cakes for the sweet-toothed men.
Ladies, thank you, very much indeed.
Everyone went home afterwards in a happy mood.

Erwin Kaser smiles happily and modestly after his fine performance. Janette thinks he should have been the current TV “Bachelor”

Brian Donovan and Janette Sprott pose for the camera before Brian says a few words and Janette announces all the results

Chris Auton, Mid-Week Convenor, accepts the Donovan Trophy from Brian Donovan on behalf of the Mid-Week Men.

Brian Donovan has a few words to say about the trophy which has his name on it while Janette checks the results of the event.