Our course is nestled into an arc of the Halswell River at the foot of the Otahuna Valley.


Number 1/10

The first tee is directly adjacent to the clubhouse balcony, meaning that at times a good group of spectators has gathered, so you better save your best for first.  While it is not a long hole, there is the THAT branch from the poplar overhanging the fairway.

First Tee 2013

The tenth is tucked further back around the corner and comes out from a chute through the trees.

Tenth tee 2013

The new green and surrounds on this hole is the latest upgrade to the course. It has been professionally designed and built, and has the size and contours to add a bit of money to the coffers of the 3 putt club.

First green 3 2013

Number 2/11

This par 4 is deceptively simple. Just hit it slightly right of Gibraltar Rock on the horizon, avoid the trap in front and the Valley of Death to the left, make your putt and whistle your way to the next tee.

Second tee 2013

second green

Number 3/12

This short par 3 is the easiest hole on the course according to the card, but it plays across the prevailing wind and the green is well guarded by sand and OB stakes.

Third green 2013

Number 4/13

This hole is played by the men as a par 5 from the back tees on the front nine, and as a par 4 on the back nine. For the women it rates 5 strokes both times round. The fairway is straight and reasonably generous, but it isn’t called Riverside for no reason.

fourth fairway

A drainage swale 60 metres out from the green makes you think about your approach.

fourth fairway

But, once  you reach the green, it is the flattest on the course.

Fourth green 1 2013

Number 5/14

The second par 3 on the course has 2 separate tee blocks, including the new Birches Corner. The green slopes from back to front and has bunkers guarding both sides.

Birches Corner

Fifth green 2013

Number 6/15

The big hitters cut the dogleg and take aim at the green on this hole, as it is the shortest and easiest par 4 on the course.

Sixth tee 2013

The rest of us try to place our second shots carefully as the elevated green presents very difficult up-and-downs from both sides and the back.

Sixth Green 1

Number 7/16

This hole is similar to Riverside in that it is played as a par 4 and a par 5 by the men, and as a par 5 by the women both times.It starts a run of challenging holes as the course makes its way back toward the clubhouse.

The drive on #7 is risk/reward. Try to stay left to shorten the dogleg if you are long enough and brave enough, or aim for the clubhouse and accept a longer second.

Seventh tee

The fairway bends left around the big poplar tree.

Seventh fairway April 1

The green has distinct upper and lower levels, so get it right or face a tricky putt.

Seventh Green April 1

Number 8/17

Stand on the elevated 8th tee admiring the Alps and you might overlook that this is the toughest hole on the course.

The fairway is long even from the front tees on 17th.

eigth tee

And the green has diabolical contours.

eigth green

Number 9/18

Is your match still in the balance coming down the last? This is a great finishing hole, tough but fair. Whichever of you plays this hole the best will deserve their reward.

Start your drive at Gibraltar Rock and bend it a bit left if you can.

ninth tee

The clubhouse veranda overlooks the large sloping green so the crowd can cheer for final hole heroics.


Ninth green with clubhouse