David Burt wins the April Mug

Young David Burt Joined Tai Tapu Golf barely a month ago and here he was strutting up to the prize table intent on emptying The Mug forthwith. Well done, David–and what better introduction to Tai Tapu Golf could he have received! Here, In his right hand he holds the (emptied) Mug and in his left he displays the inscribed glass mug to put on top of his TV set. Runner-Up by only one stroke to David was Ian Colhoun whom we know is familiar with The Mug and was looking to renew its acquaintance. Click on image to enlarge it


The day started out overcast but turned out very warm and was pleasant for the 58 players who contested this month’s Mug Day.


The Mug
Winner: David Burt                                Net 66.

Senior Gross
Winner : Stuart Berryman                      76 Gross

Intermediate Gross
Winner :  John Knowles                      83

Junior A Gross
Winner:  David Burt                           86

Junior B Gross:
Winner:  Murray Hamilton               96

Senior Net
1    Neil Vickers                                     71

2    Dan Hobbs                                      73

3    Craig Scott                                       75

Intermediate  Net
1    Ian Colhoun                                     67

2   Lance Kenyon                                  70 c/b

3   John Adams                                     70

4   Wereta Tahurangi                           72 c/b

Junior A Net
1    Neil Gregory                                    70

2   James Lee                                        72

3    Jason Pester                                   73

Junior B Net
1    Justine MacFarlane                     69 c/b

2    David Broughton                         69

3    Lou Sylvester                                73

Longest Drive:
Senior: Dan Hobbs

  Intermediate:    Ian Colhoun

  Junior A:              James Lee.

Junior B:                Mervyn Altman

Longest Putt:        Danny Cusiel

C T P    3/12             Kevin Newcombe

C T P    5/14              Craig Scott

Twos                           Dan Hobbs, Stu Berryman, Kevin Newcombe, Neil Vickers, Craig Scott.

Net Eagles:              Not Struck

Birdies:                      Not Struck


Tai Tapu Golf once had its own Korean Champion!


Ken Noh is pictured here holding the Kevin Rennell Shootouts Seniors Cup which he won in 2002. (Note the background of the green metal fence that used to be at the #1 tee). Click to enlarge


Ken Noh’s Scorecard for his record round of 65 Gross. Click to enlarge



As some members may recall, Ken Noh was a young South Korean who was in New Zealand to further his education. He was about 15-16 years old. Tai Tapu Golf was fortunate that he became a member around the years about 2000-2004. His membership class was “Intermediate” but because of his obvious abilities he was readily permitted to play as an “Active Man”. Ken added membership at Harewood Golf (as his home club) to his Tai Tapu membership in 2002 just before he set the above record. His last season as a Tai Tapu member was 2004.

Ken won the Tai Tapu Senior Championship Tankard in 2000. In February 2002 he turned in a scorecard with a 68 Gross to equal the existing course record held by Ian Fowler, and a month later, Ken eclipsed that score with a round of 65 Gross. That score has never been bettered and must stand forever as the record score for the course as it then was. The following year, 2003, Ken won the Dalgety Cup which is the top prize at the Tai Tapu Men’s 27 Hole Open.

After all that, it has to be re-stated that he was only a young teenager. His was a fine accomplishment and Tai Tapu and Harewood Golf regret that he returned to South Korea and all contact with him was lost. (Ken may have returned home in order undertake his period of Compulsory Military Training).

If any Tai Tapu members have any information further to the above, would they kindly contact the Club Secretary.  Thank you.

Submitted by B. Williamson




Letters from Hell: Gallipoli

We have just put on the Club’s website an item about Tai Tapu soldiers in WW I and we think that is quite appropriate at this special time. However, we have just seen an item “Letters from Hell” created by David Hastings published on the website of the NZ Herald:


Amongst all the many items published on websites and news media generally about Anzac Centenary, “Letters from Hell” must be one of the very best–it is brilliantly formatted, is most sensitive and tasteful and bring tears to the eyes. It makes  what we put on the website of our small golf club seem poor and clumsily structured. “Letters from Hell” is not just a series of letters. It is a clear and concise description of the whole event and it stirs the soul.

If Tai Tapu members do nothing else this Anzac weekend, they would do very well to find Hastings’ creation and bring it up on their computers or iPad or whatever, and read it and marvel that such a magnificent and tragic event as the Anzac landing at Gallipoli can be described in such a way as to bring the magnificence and tragedy fully into the senses  in the form of fine literature.

Contributed by Brian Williamson

Tai Tapu & District Soldiers in World War I

At this centenary of the Gallipoli landings by ANZAC troops during World War I it is fitting for the members of Tai Tapu Golf Club to pause and reflect on those Tai Tapu soldiers who fought in that War and in particular on those who, sadly, did not return. After all, the Tai Tapu Golf Club at its establishment was intended to be identified with the district from which most of its members and officials were to be drawn.

Members of the Club will almost all have family, relatives and friends who fought in World War I and of course on Anzac Day they will be thinking of those soldiers, telling their stories and attending Anzac Day Services around the country. An interesting example was recently published in The Star (15 April) of past Tai Tapu golf member Roger Gargett’s account of his father’s service in WW I. His father was Private (Batman) John William Gargett who was twice-wounded and also gassed (Gallipoli and France). Roger’s mother was wartime Nurse Ethel Warren. (Roger and his late wife Lois are remembered as serving Tai Tapu Golf very well in administrative matters).

Members of the Club do not have far to go to find names of Tai Tapu soldiers who fought, not only in “the War to End All Wars” but also those who volunteered and fought in the South African War (Boer War) and World War II. Plaques on the Memorial Gate at the entrance to the Rhodes Park Domain, form Rolls of Honour of Tai Tapu and district residents who served in those wars. But on a normal match day at Tai Tapu there is a procession of cars through the gateway with not a single one pausing so the golfer can study the plaques. Indeed, we wonder how many members of Tai Tapu Golf have ever paused at the Memorial Gate to have a look at the plaques and ponder on fates of the soldiers whose names are inscribed thereon. So, we provide here information on the plaques.

First, of course is the plaque acknowledging the presentation of the Park to the residents of the Tai Tapu District. (Its wording is slightly puzzling but will not be examined further here.)



Then for the soldiers’ plaques, we present first that for the South African War. That war used to be colloquially referred to as the Boer War. Maybe a degree of political correctness there?  It will be noted that “Cossar” and “Rhodes” are names familiar to Tai Tapu residents.


Click to enlarge



Click to enlarge


Click to enlarge


Then we have two plaques covering World War I. Names such as “Macartney”, “Rhodes”, “Peryman”, “Branthwaite” attract attention for Tai Tapu residents.







Then, finally for the Memorial Gate, two more plaques for World War II soldiers from Tai Tapu and district. Unfortunately the mottled pattern in the stone of these latter is not amenable to quality photography but names such as “Weatherhead”, “McKenzie”, “Macartney” (yet again) “Hamilton”, “Morten”, “Suckling” can be discerned on closer examination (click to enlarge).


Click to enlarge



Click to enlarge


But, as members will be well aware there is another Tai Tapu War Memorial, in the form of an obelisk, in Tai Tapu village. It is an attractive example of its kind and presents the soldiers names in a clear and tasteful way.


Click to enlarge



Click to enlarge


Click to enlarge


There are only two plaque areas on the obelisk, viz., one for those who died in WW I and the other for those who died in WW II







The date of 25 April 2015 refers specifically to the centennial of the Gallipoli landing in World War I. New Zealand soldiers also fought in other regions although mostly on the so-called “Western Front” in France and Belgium. Thus it seems appropriate here to concentrate on WW I. In this we have tabulated the WW I soldiers’ names from both the Memorial Gate and the Obelisk. We note the obelisk lists only those soldiers who died (killed in action, died from wounds, died from deadly disease) while the Memorial Gate lists all soldiers.

Rather than just list the names again, we have attempted to discover more information about all the soldiers in the table, to give a better feeling for their identities. Such information can be obtained from publicly accessible sources such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, The NZ National Archives site “Archway”, Auckland War Museum, the commercial genealogy websites Ancestry.com, Find My Past.com and a number of others.  Some of the full names of soldiers on the monuments cannot be found, or cannot be verified, in the records available. The “last NZ address” category in some records is blank. Recent single immigrants from Great Britain had stated their next of kin as being their parents back in the Old Country. Also,  the Ancestry.com search function has been found unreliable in that quite a number of names are “found” totally out of their alphabetical places. As an example, a search for the Tai Tapu/Ladbrooks surname “Holmes” produced as well as Holmes, four other entirely different surnames.  Nonetheless it should be possible to have found fuller details of all the Tai Tapu and District soldiers, but unfortunately we haven’t succeeded in the time available.

 Our table of Tai Tapu soldiers whose names were taken from the Memorial Gate and the Obelisk follows. We honour their memory, and urge Tai Tapu Golf Club members to take time out before their next golf games to view the plaques.

Plaque LocationSurnameFirstName/InitialsRankDied in Action
Memorial GateAndersonL
Memorial GateAndersonS
Memorial GateAndersonW
Memorial GateBakerGeorge WilliamPrivate
Memorial GateBakerJ
Obelisk & GateBarnettArthur JamesCorporalJun 1917. France
Memorial GateBassettTom (sic)Sergeant
Memorial GateBorwickJamesRifleman
Memorial GateBrakeH
Memorial GateBrakeL
Memorial GateBranthwaiteJohn WilliamTrooper
Memorial GateBurkitt/BirkettGeorgeRifleman
Memorial GateChristianJ
Memorial GateDavisN
Memorial GateFougereHarold PercySergeant
Obelsk & GateGlennieCharlesPrivateOct 1917. France
Memorial GateHarringtonJamesRifleman
Memorial GateHarveyW
Memorial GateHaugheyHenry Joseph
Obelisk & GateHawkinsJ
Memorial GateHendrieWilliamRifleman
Memorial GateHillJ
Memorial GateHolmesG
Obelisk & GateHolmesH
Memorial GateHowellH
Obelisk & GateHumphreysJames SamuelPrivateOct 1918. Palestine
Memorial GateHumphriesRichard EdmundTrooper
Memorial GateJohnstonL
Memorial GateLewisF
Memorial GateLewisG
Obelisk & GateLoweE
Memorial GateLoweG
Memorial GateLoweMs M CNurse
Memorial GateLumbPercival A'CourtTrooper
Memorial GateMacartneyRobert LeonardCorporal
Memorial GateMacartneyW
Obelisk & GateMcDonaldC
Memorial GateMcDonaldG
Memorial GateMillierJohn JosephPrivate
Obelisk & GateNorquayDonald SmithRiflemanJun 1917. France
Obelisk & GatePageFrancis JamesSep 1917. France
Memorial GatePenlingtonRoy BenjaminPrivate (Driver)
Obelisk & GatePerymanLeonard WesleyCorporal Apr 1918. France
Memorial GateRathgenAlbert John
Memorial GateRathgenDavid RobertPvte
Memorial GateRhodesR H
Memorial GateSmithS
Memorial GateSylvesterH
Memorial GateTizzardFrederick LouisPrivate
Obelisk & GateTobeckLeonard WilliamRiflemanMar 1918. France
Memorial GateWallaceC
Obelisk & GateWallaceSamuelPrivateAug 1917. France
Memorial GateWallaceT
Memorial GateWallsE
Memorial GateWallsW
Obelisk & GateWillanGeorgePrivateDec 1917. France
Memorial GateWithersG
Not listed on MemorialsAytonJohnPrivate
Not listed on MemorialsBaynesRalph ClarenceTrooper

 Contributed by Brian Williamson

An Historic Photo: Ladies Captains


Names of the ladies follow Click on picture for enlarged view.

n 2006 Aileen Lauder (Ladies Captain 2003-2004) had the brilliant idea of organising a luncheon re-union of all previous Ladies Captains. All but one extant past Captain, (Esme Martin Captain 1999-2000) were able to attend. The luncheon was held in the clubhouse and thoroughly enjoyed by one and all–well done Aileen, Sandra and your helpers! So the historic photograph was taken and it is most satisfying to be able to put it up on the website.Left to Right:
Sandra Miller (2005-2006); Aileen Lauder (2003-2004); Elizabeth Manson (1997-1998); Nancy Griffiths (1995-1996); Alison Whitelaw (1993-1994); Therese (Billy) Samson (1991-1992 & 2001-2002); Nancy Cullen (1987-1988); Rowena Burgoyne (1985-1986); Vonnie McDonald (1983-1984); Patricia Rennell* (1980-1982); Lena Coakley (1978-1979); Rose Rhodes (1971-1974); Ruth Lang (1967-1970 & 1975-1977).

Absent: Esme Martin (1999-2000).
*Patricia was also Club President 1993-1996).

Item & original picture by B Williamson

Thursday–Girls Day

Thursday—Girls’ Day
Twenty years ago or more, a Tai Tapu Lady member drafted a charming free-form poem of blank verse (but with some rhymes) about the enjoyment of Ladies Day at Tai Tapu Golf. We are unaware of the circumstances at the time, except of course it was before Ladies Day was changed to Tuesday. The poem was found in hand-writing amongst a miscellany of old files from which items of historical interest were being extracted. (The author’s name has been withheld for privacy)
We hope you find it as charming and pleasant as we did.


Thursday—Girls’ Day
I’ve got to get ready for golf
Don’t care about lunch or dinner
Hubby helps, he gets the clubs
And scrubs them bright and new
I’ve got my shoes, a ball, and oh yes, they’re clean!
Aren’t we lucky we can take time out
From life’s hum and drum
And join with friends from all walks and whims
To play the game of golf in the sun

Thursday—Girls’ Day
Yes, all is ready for golf
I must remember to report on time
Ten minutes they say
Keeps the draw in line

Thursday—Girls’ Day
Let’s all enjoy our golf
Don’t knock the Sec before she starts
It blows her game to heck!
Just keep your growls
For a couple of hours
Then speak up bright and clear
The girls can only do their best
They don’t need a flea in the ear

Thursday—Girls’ Day
The match of the day is on
Don’t panic if you don’t know how to score
Your partners will be along
To show you just how
So accept their help and do not growl

Thursday—Girls’ Day
The 18th green’s in sight
And the 19th is soon
All shake hands at the end
And for life you’ve got friends

Thursday—Girls’ Day
Did you pay your raffle, your Hole-in-Two?
Don’t panic—she’ll be right
A tick on the paper we’ll sort that out
Maybe your number will shine
Get a ball for a two or a win
A drink at the Bar
Then clubs away in the car

And the rest of the day is mine

from Brian Williamson

There’s a Picture Hanging on the Wall

NortonFrancis1964The heading above immediately evokes the old song and its opening lyrics, “There’s a bridle hanging on the wall, there’s a saddle in an empty stall, etc.”  There the analogy ends although the nostalgia remains. The picture on the wall is actually a studio portrait of the 1964 Tai Tapu Golf Team which for the first time won the prestigious Norton Francis Cup. That was the only win for a Tai Tapu team in the 36 years between the first Norton Francis event in 1931 and Tai Tapu’s next win in 2000. (Of course, we are unaware as to how many times Tai Tapu was invited to the event during those 36 years).

For the rest of an interesting story, and yes, nostalgia, click here:

Pictures at an Exhibition


Click on picture to enlarge

That title may be stretching a point more than somewhat. There is no grand art exhibition as such with masterpieces in oils—only photographs on the trophy room wall in our clubhouse. There is no great music, culminating in the “Great Gate of Kiev” (although we  do have “The Great Gate of the Rhodes Domain” though it remains silent). But in the hearts of the members of these fine ladies teams their wins were great visions of their winning putts and clink of the putter on ball and the rattle of the balls in the cups were wondrous music in their hearts.

We are referring of course to the portraits of the Tai Tapu Ladies teams, winners of the Canterbury Golf Ladies Golf Association Silver Pennant for 1969 and co-winners of the same event for 1971.

 This interclub competition is often referred to as LGU Pennant Competition. The acronym “LGU” refers to (New Zealand) Ladies Golf Union which followed the (English) Ladies Golf Union. LGU is still used colloquially by lady golfers in New Zealand. The competition in which the Tai Tapu Ladies Teams played was operated by the Canterbury District Ladies Golf Association and referred to as a Pennant competition (with an actual pennant). Now it seems to be a “Silver” grade competition but it is essentially the same as in the past.

The 1969 Ladies team comprised:

Rose Rhodes

Mavis Wheeler

Alice Brixton

Georgina Cameron

Allison Dora Lethaby

Jean Scott.




From left: Gwen Pierson; Alice Brixton; Rose Rhodes; Ethel Bowis; Mavis Wheeler; Ruth Lang. [Click picture to enlarge]

The 1971 Ladies team comprised:

Rose Rhodes

Mavis Wheeler

Alice Brixton

Gwen Pierson

Ethel Bowis

Ruth Lang

All of the Ladies who played in these Tai Tapu teams had solid, and in several cases, quite superb, playing records. Right now we can have only a vague conception of the playing conditions and standards of ladies golf in Canterbury over 40 years ago. And, we have neither any idea of their winning scores as individuals nor as a team. But, really does it matter? As our favourite author, Joe Bennett said,

“The best stories shed their detail as they pass along the years. They wear down over time to just a shining nub of truth. The facts of what happened don’t matter.” (Christchurch Press 1 April 2015):

So, let it be and let’s have a look at the ladies themselves

Rose Thelma Rhodes
Rose’s playing record at Tai Tapu is a shade puzzling. We have found only eight recorded wins for her. The puzzle is that one of those wins was the Ladies Senior Championship Cup. If she were good enough to win that, then she should have been able to pick-up wins in other trophies. Only the Coakley Cup, the Sowden Cup and several mixed event wins (with husband Charles) have been recorded. As an aside, we note that the Sowden Cup is a trophy that over the years had been subject to various reviews as to its format and when to programme it

There may be more to discover about Rose’s playing record, but it was apparent that it was in administration that she excelled. Rose first appeared on the Ladies Committee in 1964 and was elected Secretary-Treasurer at the Ladies AGM in 1966. She held that position through 1967-1970. Obviously she performed well in that period for she was elected Ladies Captain at the Ladies AGM in 1970 for the 1971 season. She held that position through 1971-1973 and was re-elected for the following season. Judging from the minutes of Ladies committee meetings it was evident that she was well-organised and her committee ran smoothly.

However at the end of a ladies committee meeting 6 June 1974, Rose Rhodes suddenly announced her resignation. It would appear that the committee were quite surprised and as stated in the minutes:

“At end of meeting Mrs Rhodes tendered her resignation as Ladies Captain. After much discussion it was accepted with reluctance and regret. Mrs Woods took over pro-tem until the ladies AGM”

 Rose did not leave the Club at that time for she continued to play as evidenced by her record already quoted. Rose also re-appeared at the Club for a special reunion of Ladies Captains conceived and very well organised by Aileen Lauder in 2007.


Rose Rhodes & Ruth Lang at the Lauder-arranged gathering of past ladies captains, 2007.

One of the most difficult issues that Rose had to deal with during her tenure as Ladies Captain was that of the Ladies playing day. Minutes of a meeting 3 April 1973 cited a letter from the Tai Tapu men’s committee suggesting ladies day change from Thursdays to Tuesdays. Obviously the men were eventually successful, but not on Rose’s watch. At a Ladies Committee meeting held 1 November 1973 strong views were expressed centring on why the sudden change when Thursday had been Ladies Day for fourty years

But for some light relief, there’s another issue that brings a wry smile 45 years later! Apparently ladies had, instead of wearing traditional skirts (as in our 1969 team picture) started to wear trousers (called “slacks”) on course. In November 1970, the Ladies Committee decided to request the Canterbury District Ladies Golf Association for guidance. In May 1971 after a vote had been taken, “ladies are not permitted to wear trousers on Club day”. But the issue and the inexorable progress of fashion could not be denied. A committee minute from June 1973 stated “Wearing of trousers permitted in inclement weather but should be worn as suit in common room”. The issue apparently resurfaced in May 1976 but in a restrictive form when a committee member stated “we were not to discuss the issue”

So those were the days!

Lorna Mavis Wheeler
Mavis had a superb playing record at Tai Tapu and would have been the #1 player in both Silver Pennant teams. Mavis won the Ladies Senior Club Championship no fewer than nine times—in 1966, 1968, 1969,1975, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1986. To show that she remained a strong player, she won the ladies longest drive trophy as late as 1989. As well as these events, Mavis won other trophies on some 39 occasions. What a cracker of a player to have in your team!

Mavis served on the Ladies Committee for the 1970 and 1971 seasons. Sadly, Mavis passed away in 2005.

 Alice Brixton
So far as we could ascertain Alice did not serve on the Ladies Committee. However, her playing record was quite respectable indeed—Alice walked up to the trophy prize table on some 26 occasions during her time at Tai Tapu

Alice did not quite reach the height of a Senior Championship, just twice managing a firm grip on the Senior Flights. But she picked up the Intermediate Championship Cup and (Sue Clephane Best Qualifier for it). The Nell & Sue Smith Memorial Cup Foursomes was won on four occasions, no less, and the coveted Waitangi Salver Pairs twice together with the attractive Waitangi Salver Flights Mugs some three times. Alice had success in mixed events, notably the Suckling Cup, playing with husband Clark.

Georgina Cameron 1927-2001
In the period 1973-1990, Georgie Cameron won some 23 trophy events at Tai Tapu. The records show she struck fine form in the years 1981-85 for she won the Ladies Senior Championship four times. But, remarkably, she won the Sue Clephane Cup for top qualifier for the Senior Championship for eight consecutive seasons 1979-1986. Just imagine a team containing Mavis Wheeler, Georgie Cameron and Jean Scott (see below re Jean)!

It is interesting to list the winners of the Sue Clephane Cup for Senior Championship Qualifiers against the actual winners of the Ladies Senior Championship for this period when Mavis Wheeler was still in high form and Patricia Rennell was emerging as a new top-flight player. The Sue Clephane Cup as a predictor of the Senior Championship winner was only about 55%. (In fact the long term average for the Sue Clephane Cup winner being also the Senior Championship winner is only around 70%)

Season Sue Clephane Cup winner Senior Champion
1979 Georgina Cameron Mavis Wheeler
1980 Georgina Cameron Mavis Wheeler
1981 Georgina Cameron Georgina Cameron
1982 Georgina Cameron Georgina Cameron
1983 Georgina Cameron Georgina Cameron
1984 Georgina Cameron Patricia Rennell
1985 Georgina Cameron Georgina Cameron
1986 Georgina Cameron Mavis Wheeler
1987 Event not held Event not held
1988 Patricia Rennell Patricia Rennell
1989 Patricia Rennell Patricia Rennell
1990 Georgina Cameron Patricia Rennell

Unfortunately due to the gaps in our collection of Ladies Committee meetings minutes we are unable to be sure of all the members who served in some official capacity. The programme booklet for 1987, however lists Georgie Cameron as a committee member and as the Ladies Handicapper. We can find no other administrative activity by Georgie. However in another aspect, the minutes of a committee meeting May 1972 noted that

“Mrs Cameron desired to donate a trophy for match play between mid-week and weekend lady players. Generally agreed to, provided a suitable day could be found.”


The Cameron Cup

The Cameron Cup which Georgina presented to the Club is actually large and handsome cup and polishes up well as seen in the picture. At the time it appears that there was a sufficient field of Saturday Ladies to allow contemplation of such a contest but finding a suitable day to play would be expected to pose problems. As it turned out the only really suitable day was a Sunday. Those matches that were played were evidently enjoyed by the participants. But later, there was a considerable fall-off in the number of Saturday Ladies so the event was discontinued from about 1983 or 1985. The Tai Tapu Ladies Committee then appeared to have found another event for which the cup could be used. The following winners names were engraved on the Cup but we are unaware of the event that was played for: Helen McGinley, Joan Woods, Mrs B Watkins, Mrs M Skilling. Eventually some time about 2010 or earlier, the Cameron Cup was put away in storage.
Georgina Cameron passed away in 2001.

 Gwendoline Alice Mary Pierson (1915-2009)
It is maybe a bit of a coincidence that the seat renovated and repainted at #3/#12 tee block carried a little plaque put there by Gwen in memory of her husband Fred who died in 1998. Fred was well known in Tai Tapu’s Wednesday Group.

The gem in Gwen’s playing record is the 1964 Ladies Senior Championship and that’s all anyone could wish for in their playing career. Gwen also has Lang Challenge Cup wins in 1969 and 1974 in her list. That suggests she may not have been able to play as often as she may have wished during the week. Nonetheless there are three Waitangi Salvers and the E&S Smith Bowl listed to her credit.

Gwen Pierson was elected to the Ladies Committee for the 1965 season and she served also in the following year, 1966. Eight years later she appears to have been co-opted to the Committee specifically for catering duties. As noted in her playing record, weekday attendances may have been limited and Gwen could have had limited opportunities to be fully involved in the Ladies administrative matters. Gwen died in 2009

Allison Dora Lethaby
As far as we can ascertain from the records Dora Lethaby did not serve on the Ladies Committee. However, being the wife of Club President Grant Lethaby, Dora would inevitably have been drawn into administrative matters.

It is noted that Dora’s main trophy wins were in mixed events which largely were played on Sundays. They included the NZ Breweries Salver twice and the H N K Needham Trophy also twice. Dora won the Business Ladies Lang Cup twice, and Business Ladies events were played Saturdays. We thus surmise that she had limited opportunities to play on weekdays.

Jean Gillespie Scott
Jean Gillespie Scott made a fine contribution to the administration of the Tai Tapu Ladies Group. She was elected as Ladies Secretary for the 1957 season and remained in that position through 1957-1960. She then relinquished the secretarial position, but remained a committee member until August 1963 thus rounding off 7 years of faithful and reliable service.

In 1961 Jean was Tai Tapu Ladies representative attending the Ladies Golf Union meeting in Wellington. In 1962, Jean tabled a new, improved design for the Tai Tapu ladies golf scorecard, and as far as we are aware, it went into production.

Jean Scott compiled a great playing record at Tai Tapu. She won the top prize of the Ladies Senior Championship five times, the first in 1956 and then the other four consecutively 1960-1963. Curiously it appears that the Senior Championship event was not held 1957, 1958, 1959. Conceivably, Jean’s dominance could have been maintained in those years also.  In all, Jean won some twenty-seven trophy events at Tai Tapu. There were four Nell & Sue Smith Memorial Cup. Foursomes, four Dewar Cups, three E & S Smith Bowls and many others amongst those winning events. Who would not want Jean Gillespie in their team for an LGU Pennant competition!
Jean passed on at the relatively early age of 56 years, in 1970

Ethel Bowis
Ethel Bowis was elected to the Ladies Committee at the 1963 Ladies AGM and served for 6 years continuously before taking a well-deserved rest. She returned to serve for three more season 1976, 1977, 1978. She showed particular qualities in looking after the floral displays and in catering in this second period. That was a fine contribution to the running of the Ladies at our Club.

Ethel didn’t accumulate a large number of trophy wins, but amongst them were two sparkling jewels—viz., two Ladies Senior Championships in 1965 and 1967. Really who would want anything else? For the record Ethel’s first win was the Deyell Cup in 1962—virtually the Junior B Championship. Then she took the Waitangi Salver twice, Nell and Sue Smith Memorial Cup Foursomes also twice. And in the Mixed competitions she won the Suckling Cup, the oldest mixed trophy in the Club. Ethel passed on in 1999.

Ruth Lang
Ruth Compiled a great record in administration for the Tai Tapu ladies and from 1982 was elected to Honorary Life Membership of the Club.
Ruth Lang was elected to the Ladies Committee at the Ladies AGM 1956. Her role, as far as we can ascertain from the available minutes of ladies committee meetings of the time, was as a committee member without any specified portfolio. However in August 1957 committee minutes she is listed as Treasurer, and the same for 1958 and 1959. By 1961 she was listed as Secretary-Treasurer and that office she held through to 1966. Ruth became Ladies Captain for the 1967 season and she served four seasons 1967-1970. But the Tai Tapu Ladies had not had enough of Ruth’s administrative talents and she was re-elected and served another three seasons 1975-1977.

An important item which arose Ruth Lang’s watch was reported as

“Mrs Lang is to ask the men’s committee what had been done about the History of our Course”.

No doubt, Ruth was then mindful of the approach of the Club’s 50th year of existence in 1983 and looked for material towards the event. The tangible result was a fine well-compiled booklet “Tai Tapu Golf Club (Inc) 50th Jubilee 1933-1983,” acknowledged to have been edited by Dennis Dwyer. We also have reason to believe that Honorary Life Member Patricia Rennell had a very significant part in the document also.

To be fair, it could not be said that Ruth Lang was amongst the top ladies at golfing. While she did indeed notch up at least 17 trophy wins, most were in pairs competitions. Her partner in three of the mixed trophy events was John Hartnell also an Honorary Life Member of the Club.


The Ruth Lang Challenge Cup

In 1964 Ruth donated the Lang Challenge Cup for stroke net competition amongst the Saturday Ladies (Business Ladies). The cup presents as a trophy well worth winning. Although it is referred to as a “challenge” cup, the concept of a triple winner keeping it is not observed. At that period there were indeed good Saturday fields for ladies. Interestingly, of the ladies mentioned here, and as incidentally mentioned above, Dora Lethaby, Georgina Cameron, and Gwen Pierson each twice won the Lang Cup.
Ruth passed away in 2012.

Back to the Great Gate of Kiev
The Great Gate of Kiev existed only in the artist Hartmann’s design. It was in the ancient Russian massive style with a cupola shaped like a Slavonic helmet as in this illustrayion.



Record cover showing what is commonly believed to contain the essence of Hartmaan’s design. (click to enlarge)











However, as we all know, what does exist is the Great Memorial Gateway to Rhodes Park Domain. It carries lists of those from the district who served in the Boer War and World Wars I and II. It will soon feature in the centenary of the ill-fated Gallipoli landing.


ttmemorialgatesWEBContributed by Brian Williamson