Saturday 21st. October 2017 TaiTapu Men’s 27 hole Open

55 men competed in   this years 27 hole open in near perfect weather conditions on a course which is in excellent order. It was a day that ran smoothly to plan and was enjoyed by all who entered.

Over all Best Gross for the Dalgety  Cup was won by Rhys Wilson     107

Over all Best Net  was one by Jason Blair          101 c/b.

Senior best Gross:    Nick Franzmann      110

Senior best Net:       Stephen Shields    104

2     Cam Harker.           106

3    Rick Nicholls          107

Inter  Best Gross:   Craig Scott               129     Carter Plate.

Inter  Best Net:       Neil Vickers             107

2   Daren Lewis             109

3   Rod Frewen              110 c/b

Junior Best Gross: Andrew Biddle         134     Makenzie plate

Junior Best Net:    Roy McRobert          101

2   Wayne Brewer         102 c/b

3   Frank Tabley            102

C T P    3/12  Am.  Barry Stephens                                 Pm.     Stephen Shields

C T P    5/14  Am.  Mark Tentori                                    Pm.      Rhys Wilson.

Longest Putt: Am. Cam Harker                                      Pm.     James Lee.

Two’s: Dan Cusiel, Keith Ashby, Jason Blair, Tim McIvor, Rhys Wilson, Stephen Shields.

Men and Women Champianship Cup and Plate Winners October 2017

The results of this years Club Championships:


Women:                 C Bates

Intermediate:        S Screen

Junior                      D MacPherson.


Senior:                    D Hobbs

Intermediate:        J Knowles

Junior A:                J Pester

Junior B :              C Phillips

And here are some photos of the winners and runners up


Senior Men:         N Vickers                                               Women Plate:       D. Stalker.

Intermediate:      D Livesey

Junior A:              M Westland.

Junior B:              M Altments.

Congratulations to all our finalists  and commiserations to our runners up.

Saturday 7th October 2017 Mug Day

33 Men braved the weather on Saturday to compete for the October Mug.

The winner was  Craig Bowers with a Net  66.

Senior Gross:        D Hobbs                              74

Inter Gross:           D livesey                              82

Jun. A Gross:        B Stephens                          87

Jun. B Gross:        A Ferguson                         96

Senior Net:            R Nicholls                           70

Inter Net:               J Knowles                           68

S Piper                                 70

Jun.A.Net:             C Bowers                             66

R Frewen                            70

Jun. B. Net:           F Tabley                              72

M Altments                       75

Longest Drives

Senior:                   D Cusiel

Inter                       D Livesey

Jun A :                   B Stephens

Jun B :                   F Tabley

Longest Putt:       S Piper.

C T P :3/12           J Blair

C T P  5/14            G Heath.

Saturday 23rd. September 2017 Semi Finals of Club Champs. Rest Stableford.

46 Men came to play golf on a very damp course on a lovely sunny day. The top 4 in each grade played for their place in the 2017 Club Champs finals to be played on the 14th. October.


  1.  N Vickers       38
  2. M Annan        36
  3. K Knowles     35 c/b.
  4. B Harding     35 c/b.
  5. T Scott           35 c/b.

C T P  3/12   M Annan

C T P  5/14  D Lepage

Twos: N Vickers, M Altments, B Harding, D Hamilton.

Birdies: S Berryman, D Hobbs.

Finalists: D Hobbs/ D Cusiel                                  Plates   D Stalker/N Vickers

I Colhoun/ J Knowles                                          D Livesey/ J Adams

J Pester/ J Lee                                                       J Bowdon/ M Westland

K Stephens/C Phillips.                                          D Adam/ M Altments.

Saturday 16th.September 2017 Club Champs Rest round 2 Rest Stableford.

51 men competed in the Club Champs, Plates and the rest Stableford on a warm sunny day with the course in very good order.

Stableford Winners. 1. Keith Ashby                 36 c/b

2. Marcus Annan                                                 36

3. Roy McRobert                                                 34 c/b

4. Den Hollander                                               34

C T P  3/12   Jason Pester.

C T P  5/14   Frank Tabley

Tow’s  D Cuseil, D Hobbs, R Richardson, N Vickers, I Colhoun, J Pester, A Nicholls.

Semi Finalists:  To days Winners:

Senior Champs  S Berryman, D Hobbs, D Cuceil, C Scott.

Inter  Champs   J Rogers, I Colhoun, A Nicholls, J Knowles

Jun.A Champs  J Pester, K Ashby, F Tabley,  J Lee.

Jun B Champs  K Stephens, D Buckner, C Phillips, R Richardson.


Ist Round of Club Champs Saturday 9th. September 2017 Rest Stableford.

The 1st. round of the Club Championships was played in good over head conditions while some of the course was wet under foot.

Stableford result.

1  Kieth Ashby                 41

2 Dave Adam                  40

3 Clyde Phillips              37

4 John Rogers                36

5 Bob Magrs                  34

C T P    3/ 12        Ali Graham

C T P    5/ 14       Don LePage.

Two’s   Brian Moriaty,  Henry Nicholls.

Saturday 2nd. September 2017 Mug Day & Final Qualifying Round for Club Champs.

29 men braved the terrible conditions both under foot and dealing with the rain that was falling through out the game. Rod Frewen was the only person to post a score under par which won him the Mug for September.

Mug winner was  Rod Frewen  with a net 69.

Senior Gross:       Stu Berryman.        78

Inter.  Gross:       David Livesey          83

Jun. A Gross:      Dean Hamilton       91

Jun. B Gross:     Frank Tabley            97

Senior  Net: 1       Dave Stalker           73 c/b

2      Shane Lacey                                  73

Inter. Net :   1      Rod Frewen            69

2     Andrew Nicholls                           71

3     Lance Kenyon                               72

Jun. A.Net:  1     Tony Thorpe           72

2     Merv Westland                            74 c/b

Jun. B. Net: 1     Bob Magrs               71

2    Dave Adam                                    77

Snr. Longest Drive    Shane Lacey

Int.                               Andrew Nicholls

Jnr. A                          Tony Thorpe

Jnr. B                          Bob Magrs

Longest Put               Andrew Nicholls

C T P   3/12               Stu Berryman

C T P   5/14               Tony Thorpe

Tow’s                          Stu Berryman, Tony Thorpe, Jason Pester, Merv Westland.


Saturday 26th. August 2017 Ron Holmes Memorial Junior/Senior Combined Net

43 men contested the game for the day on a dry day but still on  a damp course.

Ron Holmes Winners:  Basil McPherson/ Merv Altments

  1.  Basil McPherson / Merv Altments.    138 c/b
  2. Alister Ferguson / Stu Berryman.        138
  3. John Knowles / Tony Thorpe               139
  4. Craig Bowers / Will Tutton.                  140

C T P  3/12  John Knowles

C T P  5/14  Ray Richardson

Net Eagles: Kurt Knowles

Two’s:  Dan Cusiel, Alister Ferguson, Steve Piper.

Saturday 19th. August Gleeson Trophy Results.

On a fine day the course was a little damp but played very well for the 40 men who contested the Gleeson Trophy. This was a Junior/Senior drawn pairs combined stableford competition.

The winners of the Trophy were  David Livesey/ Greg Heath. 73

2. John Knowles/Clyde Phillips   72

3. Dan Cusiel/ Des Buckner          70

4. Ted Ny/ Shane Peters                68

C T P:  3/12  Dan Hobbs

C T P:  5/14  Tim Scott

tow’s:  Dan Cusiel, Dan Hobbs, Ali Graham.

Birdies: Rod Frewen, David Cammock.

Net Eagles: David Livesey,  Des Buckner.

Saturday 26th August 2017 Ron Holmes Memorial.

Next Saturday August 26th. we will play the Ron Holmes memorial. This is a Junior/Senior pairs drawn pre-match combined Net. We need all cards in by 10.30 am so as the draw can be completed for an 11 am start.