Saturday 24th. June 2017. DrawnTeams of 4 Best 3 Stableford.

The day started out cool and overcast but as the day progressed the weather warmed up and it was a good day for golf even though it was wet under foot. 44 men made up the 11 teams that took part.

The winning teams were:

1  A Ferguson, W Tutton, N Vickers, J Blair           126

2  C Scott, T Scott, C Auton, C Phillips.                   121

3  R Nicholls, A Nicholls, K Ashby, J Pester.          115

C T P  3/12      Craig Bowers.

C T P  5/14      Don Lepage.

Birdies:  N Vickers, R Robson, J Blair.

Two’s:  L Tattersall, D LePage, C Scott, J Pester.

Halswell Butchery Tri Series Saturday 17th. June 2017.

The Halswell Butchery Tri Series was contested by 54 players on a fine day with the course in excellent condition. 38 took part in the Tri series while 16 played in the game of the day all competing in a Canadian Foursome match.

Tri Series winners:

1  J Rogers       T. Scott                 60.6

2  S Piper         B. Stephens          71.4

3  S Berryman  C. Scott                74   c/b

4  D Hobbs      J Bowden             74

5  D Livesey    R. Nicholls           75.6

6  D Burt         D Hamilton          75.8

7  K Knowles   J Knowles            76    c/b

Game of the Day:

1  G Heath        D Mcquire           68.6  c/b

2  W Stark        D Cusiel               68.6

Saturday 10th. June 2017. Russian Roulette Pairs.

The day turned out quite good and the course has dried out to play a lot better this week. In spite of the weather the course is in very good order as are the greens. 49 men played in the game of the day including 4 men from the North Island.

Russian Roulette Pairs results:

  1.   Rod Frewen / Ali Graham            74
  2.   Neil Vickers  /  Jason Pester        73
  3.  Stu Berryman / John Rogers        67
  4.  Criag Scott   /  David Livesey        63
  5.  Ben Harding / Marcus Annan      58

C.T.P. 3/12   Don Lepage

C.T.P. 5/14  Andrew Biddle.

Two’s : John Rogers (2), Neil Vickers, Jason Pester, Don Lepage, Ross Luscombe, Joel Setterington.

Rick Nicholls wins the June Mug

A relatively small field of 41 contested the Mug on this holiday weekend. As with many recent weeks the scores were high – no player bettered net par and only one equaled it, second time Mug winner Rick Nicholls. Congratulations and well done, Rick.

Senior Gross:        Dan Hobbs                   78

Inter   Gross:         Rick Nicholls               83

Jun. A Gross:        David Burt                    91

Jun.B  Gross:        Alister Ferguson         104

Senior Net:            Shane Peters                75

Craig Scott                   77

Dan Cusiel                   78

Inter   Net:             Dean Hamilton          72

Andrew Nicholls        74

Kurt Knowles             75

Jun.A Net:             Jason Pester               72

Keith Ashby                74

Frank Tabley              74

Jun B  Net:           David Adam                 79

Wayne Stack                82

Clyde Phillips              82

Longest Drive:

Senior                   Dan Hobbs

Inter                      Andrew Nicholls

Jun A                     Ali Graham

Jun B                     Abdus Hansrod

Longest Putt:       Jason Pester

C T P   3/12           Greg Heath

C T P   5/14           Ben Harding

Birdies and Net Eagles – both struck on 16 – $21.50 each to David Burt and Andrew Nicholls

Twos: Greg Heath, Dan Hobbs, Neil Gregory, John Rogers

Saturday 27th. May 2017 Final Otahuna Cup & John Hartnell

The day was wet and the course very heavy but 39 members turned out to play. The Otahuna Cup and John Hartnell finals took place while the rest played stableford pairs.

Otahuna Cup was won by John Knowles with Jason Pester runner up.

John Hartnell was won by  Abdus Hansrod  with Shane Lacey runner up.

Stableford pairs:

  1.    Merv Altments & Henry Siave.       69
  2.    Dan Cusiel  & Gary Welsh               66
  3.    John Bowden & Andrew Nicholls  63 c/b.

C T P:  3/12  Henery Siave

CTP:   5/14   Murray Hamilton.

Birdies:         Dan Cusiel

Net Eagles:   David Burt & Ben Harding.

Two’s:           Des Buckner, Neil Vickers, Lionel Tattersall, David Livesey.

Saturday 20th.May 2017 Otahuna Cup, John Hartnell, The Rest Progressive Stableford.

37 men contested the competition on a very cold and windy Saturday. 29 played in the game of the day with the following results: The remaining 8 played for a place in the Otahuna Cup and John Hartnell Finals which will be played next week.

Otahuna Cup Finalists:  John Knowles  Jason Pester.

John Hartnell:                 Abdus Hansrod    Shane Lacey

Progressive Stableford

0-20   1. Ben Harding            77

2. Tim  Scott                            74

3. Chris Auton                        66

21-47 1.  David Burt              76

2. Alister Ferguson               70 c/b

3. Tony Thorpe                      70

C T P  3/12   Don Le Page

C T P  5/14   Basil MacPherson

Birdies: John Knowles & Tony Thorpe.

Twos  Rod Frewen & Basil Macpherson.


Saturday 13th. May 2017 2nd.Round Otahuna Cup 1st.Round John Hartnell The Rest Stableford.

54 men played on a damp start to the day which improved as the day progressed. 16 contested the Otahuna Cup and John Hartnell the rest played Stableford.

0-20 Group   1: Kurt knowles             43c/b

2: Craig Bowers             43

3: Ben Harding              39

21-47 Group  1:  Clyde Phillips            33c/b

2: Dave Adam                33

3: Murray Hamilton     32c/b

C T P 3/12:     Garry Welsh

C T P 5/14:     Steven Shields

Two’s   :F Tabley (2) D Cusiel Dan Hobbs Garry Welsh S Shields S Berryman L Stevens K Newcombe

Otahuna Cup H. Siave, John Knowles,   J Pester Stu Berryman.

John Hartnell  B MacPherson  Abdus Hansrod   S Lacey  Niel Vickers.

Saturday 6th. May 2017 Mug Day

It was a fine day with Autumn temperatures and 61 men contested the May mug day.

The Mug Winner was Chris Auton with a Net 69. Despite the excellent conditions he was the only player to better net par. Well done Chris.

Senior Gross:        Dan Cusiel                   78

Inter   Gross:         Steve Piper                  87

Jun. A Gross:        Chris Auton                 89

Jun.B  Gross:        Clyde Phillips             103

Senior Net:            Mark Tentori              72

Garry Welsh                                               74  c/b

John Knowles                                            74

Inter   Net:             Brent Earnshaw      72 c/b

Dennis Mcquire                                       72

Joel Setterington                                    74 c/b

Jun.A Net:                     Jason Pester   73 c/b

Doug Elliott                                            73

Craig Bowers                                         75

Jun B  Net:           Abdus Hansrod     75

Merv Altments                                     76

Bruce Miller                                         78

Longest Drive:

Senior                   Garry Welsh

Inter                      Lionel Tattersall

Jun A                     Alister Ferguson

Jun B                     Abdus Hansrod

Longest Putt:       Niel Vickers

C T P   3/12           Dean Hamilton

C T P   5/14           Dan Cusiel


Saturday 29th. April 2017 1st. Round of the Otahuna Cup. Rest Stableford.

48 players took part on a very nice day with good conditions for golf. 16 contested the Otahuna Cup while the remaining 32 took part in a stableford competition.

The results of the cup matches, winners are:

Lionell Tattersall, Henry Siave, John Knowles, Alister Ferguson, Jason Pester, Shane Ohalloran, Stu Berryman, Tim Scott.

The following will play in the John Hartnell:

Basil MacPherson, John Adams, Chris Auton, Abdus Hansrod, Merv Westland, Shane Lacey, Neil Vickers, Kevin Newcombe.

Stableford competition winners:

1   Lou Sylvester            40

2   Gary Welsh               37

3   Rod Frewen              36 c/b

4   Dave Livesey            36 c/b

5   Ted Ny                       36

CTP  3/12    Dave Adam.

CTP  5/14    Henry Siave

Twos   Dave Adam,Rod Frewen, John Bowden, Niel Vickers, Stu Berryman.

Birdies:  Shared            Stu Berryman    Garry Welsh.

Saturday 22nd April 2017 Otahuna Cup Qualifying Stroke/Net

On a beautiful Autumn day there were 54 in the field with 27 attempting to qualify for the 16 Otahuna Cup starting places.

Results for the day

Senior:     1. Shane Ohalloran         68

2. Stuart Berryman                         69

3. John Adams                                70 c/b

Interm:    1. Lional Tattersall       61

2. Tim Scott                                    63

3. Jason Pester                              67 c/b

4. Alister Ferguson                      67

Junior:    1.  David Broughton   71

2. Abdos Hansrod                       72

CTP  3/12   Abdos Hansrod

CTP  5/14   David Burt.