Mid Week Group Results 18th October 2017

Game of the day                                      Combined Stableford Pairs

Weather                                                     Warmish and Dry

Attendance                                                52

HOLE IN ONE                                        Ross Granger on 3/12


1st                                                               Abdus Hansrod/Derek Petch  76

2nd                                                             Chris Auton/Ivan Narbey        75

3rd                                                              Frank Tabley/Len Wilson       74

4th                                                              Rob McCullough/G Fawcett   73

5th                                                              Steve Piper/Tim McIvor          72

Nearest the Pin            3/12 Ross Granger !!!     5/14 Marcus Annan

Longest Putt                Macca

Two’s                              Liam Gough, Marcus Annan, Rob McCullough and Wayne Stack

Mid Week Group Results 4th October

Weather                                  Fine and warm

Attendance                             51

Game of the Day                 Stroke/Voucher/Clark and McLenagan Trophies

Winners                                Voucher                                          David Blackwell 65 (c/b)

  Clark Trophy (+70)                    Dave Adam         65

McLenagan Trophy (+80)      Ron Roach          70 (c/b)


!st Division                          1st   David Blackwell 65  2nd   Basil McPherson   68

2nd Division                       1st   Dave Adam         65   2nd  Ted Ny       68  3rd   Alan Argus 69

3rd Division                        1st   Wayne Stack     66    2nd  Tim McIvor  67

3rd  Ken Culverwell 67    4th   Keith Den Hollender  68

Nearest Pin                        3/12  Lional Tattersall      5/14   Ron Roach

Longest Putt                      Dave Marks

Two’s                                    Brian Moriarty and Basil McPherson

Mid Week Results 27 September Charity Day

Game of the Day                         Team Split Sixes

Weather                                         Fine and Warm

Attendance                                   52

1st   Tim McIvor, Brian Moriarty, Andrew Biddle and Alister Ferguson    92

2nd  Ken Little, David Blackwell, Wayne Stack and Barry Straight            87

3rd  Steve Piper, Roger Farmer, Ken Culverwell and Lauren Boyer           86

C/P  3/12        Ron Roach           C/P    5/14      Basil MacPherson

Longest Putt   Barry Straight

One Two   Dennis Maguire



Mid Week Group Results 13th September

Weather                        Warm but wet underfoot

Attendance                  50

Game of the Day         Russian Roulette + Putts

1st      Marcus Annan/Keith Den Hollander   56    2nd   Harvey Teulon/Paul Howley      55

3rd    John Knowles/Ken Culverwell              54     4th    Ted Nye/Wayne Stack                53

5th    Shane Peters/Lindsey Dove                   53

Putts     Doug Elliot   29

C/P  3/12        Gordon Hamilton    5/14    Kevin Newcombe

Two’s              John Knowles and Doug Elliot

Mid Week Group Results 6th September

Game of the Day                      Stroke/Voucher

Weather                                     Warm but very wet underfoot (no carts)

Attendance                               41

Voucher Winner                      Tony Thorpe   68

Div 1                              1st Shane Peters  70  2nd  John Knowles  73  3rd  Marcus Annan  74

Div 2                             1st Tony Thorpe  68  2nd Dave Adam        71  3rd  Warwick Hill    74 c/b

Div 3                             1st Kev Kavanagh 76 2nd Barry Straight  77 3rd   Bernie Ryan      77 c/b

C/P                                3/12  John Knowles  5/14  Marcus Annan

Longest Putt             Wayne Brewer

One Two                     Warwick Hill



Wednesday Group Results 30th August

Weather                                 Warm but wet underfoot

Attendance                           41

Game of the Day                 Par

1st Div

1)      Chris Auton +3        2) Basil MacPherson +2   3) John Knowles  +1

2nd Div

1) Dave Marks +4            2) Tony Thorpe  +3            3) Frank Tabley  +3 c/b

3rd Div

1) Dennis Cundell +2     2) Paul Howley  +1             3) Tim McIvor  +1

C/P 3/12    Bernie Ryan   C/P  5/14  Lindsey Dove

Longest Putt Ted Nye

Two’s  Paul Howley  Doug Elliot

Mid Week Group Results 23rd August

Game of the Day                            Stableford

Weather                                          Warm but very wet underfoot (no carts)

Attendance                                     40

!st Division

1) John Knowles 39   2)Marcus Annan 37   3)Don Le Page 34

2nd Division

1) Tony Thorpe 39    2)Kevin Newcombe 34   3) Dave Marks 33

3rd Division

1)Paul Howley 39   2)Ivan Narbey  32  3) Kevin Kavanagh  32

Nearest Pin  3/12 Alan Argus  5/14  John Knowles

Longest Putt   Don Le Page

Two’s    None

Mid Week Group Results 9th August

Weather Cold and Wet
Attendance 43
Game of the Day Team Stableford

1st 113 points Dennis Cundell
Dave Adam
Dave Marks
Derek Petch

2nd 103 points Ross Heveldt
Wayne Brewer
Len Wilson
Bernie Ryan

3rd 102 points Ken Culverwell
Ken Little
Dick Kitto
Barry Straight

C/P 3/12 Dave Adam C/P 5/14 John Knowles

Longest Putt Kevin Kavanagh

Two Neville Turner.

Mid Week Wednesday Group Results 2nd August

Weather                          Very wet underfoot (no carts)

Attendance                    34

Game of the day         Stroke/Voucher

Voucher Winner        Bob Nichol   67

1st Division

1st  James Lee  68    2nd David Blackwell 70    3rd Andrew Nicholls 72 (c/b)

2nd Division

1st  Bob Nichol 67   2nd Alan Argus 68  3rd David Adam 69  4th Ted Nye 71

3rd Division

1st  Barry Straight 74  2nd  Neville Turner  75

Nearest Pin 3/12 Liam Gough   5/14  Alan Argus  Longest Putt  Dave Marks

Two’s   None

Mid Week Wednesday Results 19-07-17

Weather – Fine and Mild.    Ground Conditions – Very Wet    Attendance – 40

Game of the Day  –  Stableford.

Division 1
1  Brent Earnshaw 36,  2  Steve Piper 34,  3  John Knowles 34.

Division 2
1  Wayne Brewer 36,  2  Frank Tabley 36,  3  David Adam 36.

Division 3
1  Alan Argus 40,  2  Ivan Narbey 34,  3 Lindsay Dove 34.

Nearest to the Pin,  3/12 John Knowles,   5/14 Ivan Narbey.

Longest Putt 9/18,   Rob McCollough.

Two’s,   Ken Little,  David Adam,  Ivan Narbey.