Tai Tapu Golf Club Visitor Information


Golf at the Club is organized into several different competitions. The Men’s Club Day is Saturday, the Women’s is Tuesday (or Saturday morning), Mid-Week is Wednesday. Each group is a separately functioning club in its own right with its own budget, committee and competitions.

Most competitions are played in grades based on handicap. In the last year 57 separate trophy competitions were held. On weeks when there is no trophy competition there is always a match-of-the-day in a variety of formats, some in teams and some individual. In addition scoring a “2” will win you a golf ball, and good golf or good luck can see you take home a prize.

The first Men’s and Women’s Club Day of each month is Mug or Medal Day. For these, there is always a full field, the course is set to its most challenging, and the competition is always fierce.

The Club fields interclub teams to which all players are welcome to offer themselves for selection. In recent years the Men were represented by 6 interclub teams, and the women 2. We have a good record of success with a championship, or at least a finals appearance, most years.

There is an active 3 Putt Club and the Girls On Tour make regular trips. It is not uncommon to drop into the clubhouse on an evening and meet a few mates who just happen to be “out for a quick hit”. Volunteering is ubiquitous. Friendly sledging is encouraged at most events, and not limited to the balcony.