Women’s Trophies

Notes to Records

Every effort has been made to ensure results are correct, but if errors are found, we shall be pleased to be notified of corrections.

In the past, ladies were identified by their husbands names, e.g.–thus Mrs Joe Smith or Mrs J Smith. However there have since been societal changes. In conformity with current practice, therefore, in these trophy winners records we have ladies names in the format “Smith, Elizabeth” in tabulated data and “Elizabeth Smith” for pictures. We would greatly appreciate receiving corrections to ladies first names, or information about first names which are represented here only by initials,which could be the husbands.

While we have a goodly gallery of members’ pictures but far fewer than we would like. What especially would be helpful is pictures of past members. Any picture sent as computer files as images in jpeg or png format would be excellent. We would be most grateful for the loan of pictures which we can scan to copy and we guarantee there will be no damage to any borrowed pictures (even still in their frames). [Please contact Brian Williamson e-mail: bdpwill@paradise.net.nz  or phone: 359-1544]


Use the links below to view pages on the trophies presented for Women’s competitions including a capsule history and a list of past winners with photos where available.

Tuesday Women

Birdie Cup
Senior Championships
Intermediate Championships
Junior Championships
Deyell Cup (aka Junior B Championship)
Macartney Bowl

Ladies Annual LGU Medals & Monthly Buttons
Champion of Champions
Nell and Sue Smith Cup
Sowden Cup
Harris Mug – Longest Drive
Rennell Shootout Cup
Sue Clephane Cup
Reece Trophy
Jenny Stephens Nine-holers Trophy
Holes-in-One at Tai Tapu
Sylvia Hugh Memorial Cup
Waitangi Salver
Betty Macale Cup (BMM Cup)
Dewar Cup
Diane Gebbie Ladies Ringers Cup
Coakley Cup
Monica Holmes Trophy


Saturday Women

Elsie Biggs Cup
Betty Beckett Cup

In Recess

Cameron Cup