Ladies Club Captains

Ladies Captains: From left: Miler, Sandra; Lauder, Aileen; Manson, Elizabeth; Griffiths, Nancy; Whitelaw, Alison; Samson, Therese; Cullen,Nancye; Burgoyne, Rowena; MacDonald, Vonnie; Rennell, Patricia; Lena Coakley; Rhodes, Rose; Lang, Ruth.

The complete list of ladies who acted as Captains of the Ladies is given below. Ladies have always been are elected to the position of Captain. However there seem to be indications that members are expected to take their turn at the office. Ada Elizabeth Macartney, wife of the first President of the Club did however enjoy an extended period as Ladies Captain. There was a also a lengthy period when Ruth Lang was in the role. It is noted that Captains Ada Macartney, Jessie Fiecken, Ruth Lang and Patricia Rennell were elected Honorary Life Members of the Club.

To the best of our ability we have confirmed that nearly all of the names of the members of Tai Tapu Golf listed here and the offices they held, are correct. But doubtless there are errors. We shall be most grateful to receive corrections. We have put an asterisk beside any name of which we are uncertain.

As is the case with much of the history of Tai Tapu Golf Club many key documents have been lost or destroyed over the years. This is not unusual for a sports club where the concentration has been upon the sports themselves and where archiving documents (apart from the legal requirements pertaining to financials) is far from the minds of members.

In the early decades of last century, it was common for local newspapers to publish results for all golf clubs which sent them in. Coverage in those newspapers also included reports of annual general meetings and opening and closing days of clubs. But, gradually over the years, newspapers have carried a decreasing amount of local lower-level sport.

The set of programme booklets possessed by the Club is complete from 1964 and it provides useful information. However, the period for which more Tai Tapu Golf information is wanted is the period about 1945 to 1960. Of course, as more data are found, they will be applied to updating existing files.

In the past it was the practice to identify women via their husband’s names, not as individuals in their own right. Thankfully, society has moved on from that and in identifying ladies in this data base, their given names are used together with their married surnames.

1933 - 1934MacartneyAda Elizabeth1892-1981 Hon Life Member
1935ParrottJean Hope*1905-1944
1936BainDoris Annie Rosena or Doris Anna Rosetta*1900-1987
1937 - 1938DalgetyThelma Dumville1908-1988
1939 - 1941MacartneyAda Elizabeth1892-1981 Hon Life Member
1942 - 1945Wartime recess  
1946Too late to start season.Ada Elizabeth1892-1981 Hon Life Member
1947Macartney really started againAda Elizabeth1892-1981 Hon Life Member
1948 - 1949MacartneyAda Elizabeth1892-1981 Hon Life Member
1950CoopBeryl Catherine*nd
1951 - 1953StoddartLouise Dorothy Anne1900-1986
1954 - 1955WelshAnne1890-1974
1956 - 1957CalderBetty Margaret1916-1986
1958 - 1959FieckenJanet Jackson ("Jessie")1914-1999 85y Hon Life Member
1960 - 1962CalderBetty Margaret1916-1986
1963 - 1964FieckenJanet Jackson ("Jessie")1914-1999 Hon Life Member
1965 - 1966NuttJanet Norma1918-2006
1967 - 1970LangRuth Margaret1917-2012 Hon Life Member
1971 - 1974RhodesRose Thelma1925-2014
1975 - 1977LangRuth Margaret1917-2012 Hon Life Member
1978 - 1979CoakleyLena Josephine1925-2012
1980 - 1982RennellPatricia Mary 
1983 - 1984McDonaldAlma Louise Yvonne1931-2014
1985 - 1986BurgoyneRowena Ayson 
1987 - 1988CullenNancye Campbell 
1989 - 1990MartynEsmend
1991 - 1992SamsonTherese Mary (Billie) 
1993 - 1994WhitelawAlison Rosemary 
1995 - 1996GriffithsNancy Monica 
1997 - 1998MansonElizabeth Anne 
1999 - 2000MartynEsmend
2001 - 2002SamsonTherese Mary (Billie) 
2003 - 2004LauderAileen Margaret 
2005 - 2006MillerSandra 
2007 - 2008StephensJennifer May 
2009 - 2010EdmondsDonna 
2011 - 2012AdamDorothy Lorraine 
2013 - 2014StephensJennifer May 
2015 - 2016WillsTracy Ellen