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Sources of Tai Tapu Golf Club Historical Information

The following notes apply to the various items below on the history of Tai Tapu Golf.

Unfortunately, many key documents of the Tai Tapu Golf Club have been lost or destroyed over the years. This is not unusual for a sports club where the concentration has been upon the sports themselves and where archiving documents (apart from the legal requirements pertaining to financials) is far from the minds of members.

Basic information about the Club has been sourced from minutes of Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings, Club Committee meetings and the like. However, we do not have a full set of any of those minutes, and some of those we do have are partially illegible.

A good source of winners of trophy events has been of course the trophies themselves where names have been engraved. Fortunately, there are few errors in those names although initials can be wrong. One trophy which is in the form of a wooden shield has winners’ names engraved on miniatures inserted into it. Almost hilariously the updating of this trophy has been sporadic and the miniatures are in chaotic order and quite a number duplicated and with wrong names. Except for programme booklets of recent years, there is a complete dearth of information about Runners-Up in trophy events. It seems odd that “plate and bracelet” compensation events are given precedence over Runners-Up in regard to trophies.

The set of programme booklets possessed by the Club is complete from 1964 and it provides useful information. However, the period for which more Tai Tapu Golf information is wanted is the period about 1945 to 1960. .

In the early decades of last century, it was common for local newspapers to publish results for all golf clubs which sent them in. Coverage in those newspapers also included reports of annual general meetings and opening and closing days of clubs. But, over the years, newspapers have carried a decreasing amount of local lower-level sport.

To the best of our ability we have confirmed that nearly all of the names of the members of Tai Tapu Golf are correctly reported here. But doubtless there are errors. We shall be most grateful to receive corrections.

In the past it was the practice to identify women via their husband’s names, not as individuals in their own right. Thankfully, society has moved on from that and in identifying ladies in this data base, their given names are used together with their married surnames.

We should appreciate receiving corrections to any errors and omissions and undertake to promptly correct any such.