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To the best of our abilities we have found and presented a true and complete set of data. Are any errors or omissions are regretted.The

We are particularly grateful to Tai Tapu Golf members: Patron Bruce Miller and Sandra Miller, Douglas and Patricia Reece, and several others who have provided accurate information about past members. Any errors and omissions are

In 1933, when Tai Tapu Golf was first established, the universal practice was that ladies took their husbands’ surnames (and mostly still do) and their husbands’ given names or given names’ initials. In this website as a whole, we have recognized that ladies are entitled at least to be listed by their own first names. This has imposed the onus of actually establishing said first names—and we are not confident that we have always been able to do that accurately or at all. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate receiving corrections from members and we will promptly effect those corrections.

A notable gap in our information is that for the Ladies Committee for 1934. Apart from the minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Club, referred to above, the very first minutes we have amongst the Club’s documents are those for the Ladies for 1937. (It starts-off a book in which hand-written minutes cover the period 1937-1958—an invaluable resource). It is noted that the Tai Tapu Golf did not open until July in 1933. In that era the seasons were much shorter than today and thus only a few months play occurred before that 1933 season was over. Could it be that the 1933 officers and committees were simply carried over into 1934? Until we are favoured with new information, we shall make this assumption.

It was not always possible to identify the Ladies Handicappers, the Ladies Vice Captains and the Ladies Secretary-Treasurers, or whether anyone had been appointed at all. It was noted that where a Vice Captain was appointed, that member was usually appointed Handicapper as well. With the advent of the DotGolf national handicapping system the roles of handicappers have degenerated into virtually that of a clerk. Also, in very recent times a Secretary-Treasurer has not officially been appointed or elected and one is quite bemused by this as the duties still need to be performed.



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Ladies Committees for 1933-1964

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