Without this man the Tai Tapu Golf Club may not have been born. Sir Robert Heaton Rhodes donated all that land known as Rhodes Park in Tai Tapu to the Tai Tapu Golf Club and other Tai Tapu sporting bodies. Sir Robert was the first, therefore, in a line of well-respected Patrons of Tai Tapu Golf.

The table gives basic data about the Patrons of Tai Tapu Golf Club. It is hoped that it is correct in all respects but if not please advise. Many Patrons served in other offices before their election to the office of Patron. Those other offices included variously from President and Vice President, Club Captain and Vice Club Captain, to Treasurer, Secretary, Trustee, Member of the Main Committee (Management Committee) of the Club, and Convenor of a Sub Committee, such as Greens Convenor.

1933 - 1956RhodesRobert Heaton, Sir1851-1956Philanthropist; Donated Rhodes Park to Tai Tapu
1957 - 1976MacartneyWilliam Greig1892-1976OBE/President/Hon Life Member
1977 - 1978MortenRobert Downes1921-1978Courtesy Vice President/Vice President/Club Captain
1979 - 1993NuttGraham Alexander1910-1994No data
1994WareGerald Henry1926-2015GreenKeeper
2004 - 2012HartnellJohn Nott Club Capt/Vice Pres./President/Hon Life Member
2013MillerFrancis William Bruce Main Committee-Greens Conv./President/Trustee/Hon Life Member